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Red on Fridays

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Why Red on Fridays?

Like many of you, I too have received the email circulating the Internet encouraging Americans to wear Red on Fridays in support of our troops. Touched by what I thought was an incredible tribute, I immediately decided to join “the sea of red” by wearing something red every Friday in support of our brave men and women in the Armed Forces.

Slightly overwhelmed by all the apparel options, I decided to search Google and see how others were wearing their Red on Friday to get some ideas. After all, what does wearing Red on Friday really mean? Could it just be just a little bit of red in the form of an accessory, or something larger and more distinguishable, if I wore a red sports team shirt, would it count? So, off I went to Google my way through some creative possibilities.

A hoax?

To be honest, I was discouraged to see that several major websites were acknowledging this email as an Internet hoax. It was even more discouraging to find no mention of it on several military and military related websites. I deleted the email and vowed to support our troops in another more tangible way. My desire to run out and buy something red was now just a passing thought.

That was until a recent visit with my father who is an Air Force veteran and the current Post Commander for American Legion Post 112 in Winter Park, Florida. Proudly wearing a red t-shirt this past Friday he asked me why I was not wearing red and supporting our troops.

I cringed as I explained to my dad that the idea was considerd to be an Internet hoax and although a few small groups had adopted the concept, I could find no organization that was spear-heading the whole concept and uniting all these small entities. Also, I continued, two other groups have also chosen to wear red on Fridays for various reasons and at least one has actually adopted the color as a way to protest the war.

The look on my fathers face made me want to crawl in a fox hole and hide. To watch his pride crumble before my eyes as he considered the possibility that this may all just have been someone’s idea of a joke was heart wrenching to say the least.

An idea!

It was in that moment that I decided to take initiative; to stand out on a ledge in a way that I never have before and blaze the widest trail possible uniting those of us who support our troops.

Regardless if this whole idea began as an Internet hoax or not is trivial at this point. There are many of us scattered across the globe that have already participated in this for weeks, months, and possibly longer. And although there are many things we can all do to aid and support our troops as they are protecting our freedom, could it possibly hurt to add one more?

I will never forget what an emotional time we shared just a couple of years ago when my younger brother was serving in Iraq with his Marine Corps Unit. The fear my family and friends felt as we sat down to watch the evening news could be paralyzing at times, the feelings of pride in his courage, the sorrow in our hearts at the news of casualties, the relief and the guilt in knowing that he was still safe ricocheted through our minds daily. Thankfully my brother is one of those who made it home safe and sound. My heart breaks for those who can not say the same.

It is with those thoughts in mind, that I have created this website. It is for all our brave men and women courageously serving our country that I will wear Red on Fridays for the rest of my life if I have to. It is for them that I am creating a contemplative, yet easily identifiable logo to clear up any and all confusion surrounding why many of us have chosen to wear Red on Fridays. Please watch this site as our logo will be released in a few days.

I personally invite you to join me on this journey to make Red on Fridays one of the greatest tributes to our troops both stateside and over seas.