He is back from mission

My baby, is back from his mission and I’m so glad. He returned on the 27th and as soon as I saw he left me an email my heart started to be like crazy. This guy is making me soooooo HAPPY! Like no other man could do before in my life.

 I wanted to share some of his words with all of you.

[…]Well besides all that drama, I was also thinking of you the rest of the time.  While on guard, there’s not a whole lot to do except stare at the mountains, pray that we don’t get attacked, and think of our loved ones.  Of course I thought of my family but amongst my loved ones is you.  I thought a lot about us, our future, and of course all the things I wanted to do to you when I was horny as hell.  Which by the way was quite often.  There’s so much that comes to my mind when I start thinking of you.  Now, I’ve never been all that good at relationships but I think I know the problem.  Have you ever seen the movie The Break-Up?  If you haven’t you definitely should.  If you have then just know that I don’t think I’m nearly as bad as he was but I’ve usually been kind of like that.  So after finally figuring that out, I know exactly how I want to be with you.  I can’t wait to make you the happiest woman ever.  I will appreciate everything you do and show you love like no other man can show you.  I want to give you the world in my hands and myself with it.  It was making me smile just thinking about it.  You deserve a real man, a strong man, and a soft hearted man.  Not too soft hearted though or else that would take away from the strong man.  I want to be all of those for you and so much more.  I am so excited to finally be with you and it is going by pretty fast. […]

Words like these and many more make me so happy and make me keep my head up. Even if it is still a damn long time until September, I know he and me will make it through this deployment. It’s hard of course, but with the power of our love we will succeed.