Support The Troops

 There are so many “Support The Troops” – Websites that it is hard to keep track with all of them. I will try to make a list of diverse websites, so it’s easier for everyone to show the support.

My Open Letter to the Soldiers:

Dear soldier,

I want to say “Thank You” to you in uniform. You and your brothers and sisters in arms will always remember me that “Freedome Isn’t Free”!

Thank you for protecting me and I know I’m protected by the best. I know you are a father/mother, a son/daughter, a husband/wife. I want to thank you for leaving all you own to make sure my future is secure. Thank you for fighting for my rights.

It will bring sadness in my life if you fall. But be sure your dead will be honored and respected.

I know you fight for the ones you hold dear in first place.

My prayers are with you and I am thankful that you chose to go through hell.

It’s a desolate place and I know you miss your loved ones and that your heart can’t believe what your eyes have seen and will see.

Stay strong and safe

With all my support from Germany


Loving A Soldier

Loving a soldier is not always nice

In loving a soldier you pay a high price

It’s mostly loving him with nothing to hold

It’s being young, but feeling old

It’s having him whisper his love to you

It’s whispering back that you love him too

Than comes a kiss, a promise of love

Knowing you’re watched, approved from above

Reluctantly, painfully, letting him go

While you are dying inside from wanting him so

It’s sending letters with stamps upside down

To far away love, in a far away town

It’s going to church to kneel and to pray

And really meaning the things you say

And you will wait to rain and shine

To hear some word that he is fine

The the letter arrives and you are given to joy

Like a small child with a new shiny toy

With fingers trembling and heart beating fast

You tear open his letter and read it at last

Yes, he is well and he misses you so

It’s filled witht he love you wanted to know

Weeks are a month and months are a year

You are awaiting the day you’ll have no more fear

Time passes slowly, yet it is gone very fast

You are barely aware it is here till it is past

Yes, loving a soldier brings bitterness and tears

Loneliness, sadness and dispondent years

Loving a soldier is not much fun

But it is well worth the price when the battle is won

Remember, the thinks of you everyday

He is sad and lonely for being away

So, love him, miss him and try to be bolder

And always be proud of “Loving A Soldier!”


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