Comfort Me In Pain

It took me a while, but I found you,
And no one else holds my heart in their hand like you do.
Friends might think I am lost and out of my mind.
But with you in my heart I am everything but lost.
Is it too late for me, now that you hold her in your arms?
It seems like you would not had chosen her if I would had found you earlier.
I know you are not the same for me like you are for others.
I see you in another light.
Can you forgive me the doubts still running through my mind?
I lay open my heart for you.
Because I know you take care of her, you will be gentle.
That is all I want and need to know.
Knowing you will do so fills my heart with love and gives me the strength to keep my head up.
I just wish you could lay your arms around, when I’m lying weak on the floor.
So far your spiritual presence doesn’t seem enough, physical comfort is well needed.
I know you have something up for me and for now it seems I cannot be patient.
Why you let me wait here for the one who will give me love and comfort, for the one who will be there for me and strong enough to carry my burdens for a while, when I am too weak to walk around with them.
Is it because it took me so long?
Did you know that I will find my way to you?
My love for you is different,
I know you are around and somehow I have the feeling that I knew it all the time, just did not want to see it.
But it is clear for me now.
Things start to make sense to me.
Even if your ways are strange in some way.
You bring pain and heartache to me, let me go through betrayals and frustrations and even that you bring joy and luck into my life, it seems that my life is harder than the lives of others.
Why had to go through this tragedy?
Why you still let me suffer from this day?
When will be my time to find peace inside?
When will I be able to let go, completely?
When will this hate die away?
Hate I stored deep inside my heart. It does not feel like my hate is a dying breed, it is more like a rising breed.
When will you send me that special angel, I once thought I found, who will take care of me?
Don’t let me standing here alone.
The strength in me is breakable, I am vulnerable.
I am just a woman in need.
I cannot give you more than my heart and that love I feel for you.
Come and complete me while I am here on my knees mourning for the ones I lost.
Dry my tears, hold my shaking body, clear my confused mind.


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