You’re Gone

You’re Gone

As a single,
Solemn teardrop falls,
I silently think,
Of the angel that calls.

Because you are gone now,
Once again I’m broken,
And I can’t talk about this,
My heart won’t open.

I can’t believe,
That you actually let go,
I go over in my head,
On what you taught me, everything I know.

I try to picture your smile,
But it fades away,
And how much I miss you,
Words could not say.

I try to remember the good times,
But I’m overwhelmed with grief,
And you can’t come back,
You are in a forever-eternal sleep.

I say your name,
And my voice just breaks,
I wish I was in your place,
And that you were still awake.

I really miss you,
Love you from the bottom of my heart,
And already here with out you,
I am falling apart.

I hope you are happy now,
That you are pain free,
And I will always remember like you said to me,
That you are watching over me.

R.I.P. Jennifer Crow


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