For you, Jen

I don’t know where to start. Can’t find the right words for this.
She’s missing, she’s gone. She’ll be loved until eternity. By her family, her husband, her friends… by everyone who knew her.
Jen was such an amazing and awesome woman. Unfortunately I never made it to meet her in real life. But we went through all kinda Ups and Downs for over 4 years.
I never thought that a friendship only online can be so intense. So real and true. I’m so hurt, so numb…SHOCKED!!! She left us way too early.

Jen, I’ll love you forever. And I’ll miss you so bad. But I know I’ll see again one day. When my time is up. And than we will finally make it happen to party the shit outta each other. Oh girl, if I think of all the plans you had on your mind. I can’t believe that you won’t be able to realize them.

I miss and love you, and I will never forget our last and oh soooo funny chat on Yahoo! I never ever had a friend doing such crazy things on cam all of a sudden. Thank you for putting all these smiles on my face during the last year, for drying my tears when I was in need. You have been my sunshine, when my days seemed to be rainy. Even now, that I’m here in tears and think of all the things we had I have that light smile on my face. And it hurts.




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