Mad mood

Ok, I’m a little bit pissed or should I stay more friendly and say: I’m mad??? Anyway, today I was supposed to see my buddy Travis. Even after we already fixed the appointment he canceled it about 10 minutes before I wanted to drive up to his place. And now his stupid excuse: He didn’t know that his “so-called” girl finished her school thingy earlier than 5pm and he has to go pick her up because she’s taking the damn train.

Seriously, I was looking forward in seeing him today, because last time was in October 2006. 15 months ago, because he was deployed to Iraq. Now, I’m sitting here and I’m really disappointed. I thought we are friends, like brother & sister and all of a sudden “his so-called/almost girl” is more important? And if I get it right he saw her during the last couple days since he’s back from his deployment. I also asked him if she cannot just wait a day and see him tomorrow? I guess he realized that I’m mad.

How else should I feel? The next time I’ll be able to make time for him will be in 8 days and than he’ll be on his freaking Block Leave (in the States). I mean, hey I can’t change my schedule just for him. That’s not possible. And since last week Thursday we both knew we will meet today, my only day off this week. But no, he doesn’t care about me and just makes plans with his girl. F*** it!!!


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