What a day!?!

This day was kinda rough. First of all I could not find sleep at all, because my thoughts were with my Eric bear all the time and my yearning for him turned out so big last night. And there will so many more restless nights following. But my love for my bear is still growing and growing.

At 3.30am I finally could find some rest, but I had to get up again at 6.30am. But planned was 5.30am so I can get some breakfast at the DFAC. But yeah, I had some coffee at my house before I left for class and another one on my way from Darmstadt to Mannheim. But like always, the Autobahn was so damn packed, that I got stuck in it and been late for class.

The first 4 hours seemed to be long because of all the theory stuff about law, but all of a sudden it was 12pm and lunch time. So some coworkers and me went to the DFAC and enjoyed the “nice” brunch. And damn, I definitely ate way too much that it was kinda hard to move and be ready for the physical training class of self-defense. I think we should improve our skills more often how to put down an attack (attacker without a weapon) just with arms, hands and legs. And later one how to put down an attack (attacker with weapon like knife/baseball bat etc.) with our PR24.


I was supposed to meet up with my girl Sarah after our different classes/trainings, because she had to qualify at the range for her quarterly shooting on the CZ 75 BD POLICE cal.9 Luger. The weapon her and me and our coworkers carry on our daily duty.


But somehow we missed each other and therefore I decided to drive home instead of going to the gym on my own. I was just too tired. As soon as I got home Sarah called and now we’ll go tomorrow. Which sounds good for me too.

Anyway, because of the class & training and the lack of sleep from last night, I will go and lay down. Because tomorrow will be another day of class & training and afterwards a nice work out at the gym.


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